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Upcoming events

Sep 23, 2023

Local Coffee

ChatGPT and A.I. Coffee Talk (Mississauga, ON, Canada)

Join us for a Saturday morning coffee to discuss ChatGPT, Midjourney and other A.I. tools that can dramatically improve your life.

Sep 23, 2023

Local Lunch

Mindvalley Brunch, Montreal, Canada

Brunch & Networking

Sep 28, 2023

Virtual Chapter Meetup

Mindvalley Virtual Meetup: Virtual Call Gatineau/Ottawa 🍁

Hello Soul Family! This is a wonderful opportunity to meet new members and connect with each other remotely, share are thoughts and ideas. Here you can propose a topic for us to talk about; ask questions, share your learnings and your feedback related to MV Quests! Bliss and love 😍 Namaste, Merci, Thank You

Past events

Local Dinner

Mindvalley Dinner in Oakville

Local Coffee

Mindvalley Café, Montreal

Local Meetup

Mindvalley Picnic and Stroll in the forest - Gatineau/Ottawa 🍁

Local Coffee

Mindvalley Coffee and Walk on the Labyrinth in Burlington

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Adriana Fritsch

Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Toronto

Vanina Pitsch

Mindvalley Local Host, Montréal
GloWell Coaching

Sophie Comtois

Mindvalley Local Host, Montreal

Rebecca Klepic

Mindvalley Local Host, Calgary

Joel Sacks

Mindvalley Local Host, Vancouver

Karen Stanton

Mindvalley Local Host, Burlington

Barry Trembetzky

Mindvalley Local Host

Pauline Milonas

Senior Consultant CyberSecurity
Local Host Mindvalley Outaouais