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Past events

Local Meetup

Mindvalley Meet Up: Paseo y Free Tour en el Parque El Capricho + Comida, Madrid

Local Meetup

Mindfulness en la playa

Local Meetup

Mindvalley Meetup and Picnic: Let's Discuss Our Routines, Barcelona

Local Meetup

Mindvalley Meetup and Picnic: Let's Rewrite Our Stories and Rewire Our Brains for Success, Barcelona

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Arantxa Orbegozo

Local Host Pais Vasco

Laura Roman

Local Host, Tallinn & Barcelona

Elena Shak

Mindvalley Local Host, Barcelona

Lola Alcudia

Embajadora Claves Libertad Empresarial

Maritza Medina

Local Coordinator Spain

Sossy Vega

Local Host Madrid
ISIC Spain

ile Agüero

Mindvalley Community Manager Spanish

Shaima Viguri

Local Host

Monica Perez Jimenez

KAM Andalucía Occidental

Silja Paulus

Local Host Barcelona
Loovelu OÜ

Yamila Acosta-Flamma

Local Host