A-Fest Live Streaming & Australia Meetup (Day 1)

Saturday, May 6, 2023, 3:15 – 5:00 PM UTC

Join our Aussie tribe online to experience together a live streaming of this year's A-Fest in Cartagena, Colombia!

Virtual Chapter Meetup

About this event

Welcome to our special A-fest Online to experience together a live streaming of this year's: A-Fest in Cartagena, Colombia!🇨🇴

Ever feel like the Mindvalley global events could be a bit far away from down under? Here's an exclusive live streaming opportunity offered by the Mindvalley Community Team that allows our Aussie members to get a taste of A-Fest together! 

Session 1: Dave Asprey - Smarter Not Harder - May 7th 1:30AM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AESD) Time (10.30 AM Cartagena Time)

If you are interested in learning more about aging gracefully, improving your brain performance, and achieving increased vitality, faster recovery, and equanimity then be sure to join Dave Asprey, the ‘Father of Biohacking’ for a deeper dive into his latest book Smarter Not Harder and companion Quest of the same name on mindvalley.com.

You’ll learn about the 6 Steps to Energy Success and targeted hacks aimed at upgrading your metabolic, neurological, and epigenetic systems. Includes a live Q&A. Get your burning biohacking question answered!

The first 15mins of the call will be for getting together and sorting the technology out. A discussion & sharing session will also be followed after the live streaming ends.

What is the theme of A-Fest Colombia?

The theme for this year's A-Fest is Spiritual Badass.

The Spiritual Badass is not content with simply delving into their own inner state. They have their sights set on making a positive impact on the state of the larger world.

Beyond a quest for spiritual understanding.

There is a bold and ambitiously stubborn desire to leave behind a legacy that creates ripples and major shifts in the lives of millions across the globe today - and for generations to come.

To learn more about A-Fest: https://www.afest.com/


For updates leading up to the event, and for communicating during day of, please join the official community Telegram Group for Mindvalley Meetups: https://t.me/+zWDHhs2NH2NmMjZl



  • Freeman Fung

    Travel To Transform

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Australia

  • Alexandra Merlo


    Mindvalley Local Host, Brisbane & Gold Coast

  • Elena Batshon

    Mindvalley Local Host, Melbourne

  • Krystle Teys

    Elite Transitioning

    Mindvalley Local Host, Cairns