Mindvalley Meetup - Nature Walk @ Los Angeles Arboretum

Saturday, November 26, 2022, 5:00 – 7:30 PM UTC

Take a break from the holiday festivities and restore your inner harmony in nature. Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit through a simple mindfulness practice in nature. This meetup will be held at the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Garden on Saturday, November 26, 2022, at 9:00 a.m.

Coffee and Tea

About this event

Mindvalley Meetup is inviting you to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of traveling and holiday festivities, find some quiet time, and practice mindfulness in nature.  You will be guided to reconnect to the scent of the trees, the sunlight playing through the leaves, the sound of the birds, and the fresh, clean air. Let go of your stress and worry.  Enjoy some time to relax and clear your mind. Restore your mood, regain your energy and vitality, and refresh your whole being while having meaningful and fun conversations with like minded people of  Mindvalley community.    

Meetup Details

  • Time:  Saturday, November 26, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.  [fresh air, soft sun, and less crowd]
    • Check in time:  9.00am - 9:15am
  • Place:  LA Arboretum and Botanic Garden, 301 N. Baldwin Ave. Arcadia, CA 91007 
    • We will first meet in front of the SOUTH entrance, before the admission gate (maps)   
  • Admission to Arboretum: $15 [purchase your ticket online or at the location, no price difference}
  • Activities:
    • Guided Mindfulness Walk (45min)
    • Coffee and Conversation (75min) @ Peacock Cafe inside the Arboretum

***Dear attendees, I might be running a tad late this morning to greet you.  I have to take care something for work prior to our walk.  If you have any questions, please text/call my cell:  626-731-7145***

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

with love,

Karen Kartika

Mindvalley Meetup Local Host, Los Angeles

**For updates and communicating during day of, please join the official California Telegram Group for Mindvalley Meetups: https://t.me/+YNARzAJVMNBiMzE9**


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