Cacao Ceremony with Kateřina Love

Saturday, October 29, 2022, 7:00 – 10:00 AM UTC

"The Day of our Cacao Ceremony we will take a lead and guide you to connect with the Cacao Spirit, we will allow Her medicine to guide us exactly where we are about to go.

Coffee and Tea
Dance and Movement

About this event

RSVP Information & Ticketing 

Available slots: 14 

Ticket Price: 650 czk/ 26 eur for the 3 hours cacao ceremony experience 

We have 14 available slots. If you want to attend RSVP here and send the ticket fee of 650 czk /person to the following bank account with the note: Cacao Ceremony. Your spot then is booked and we will be looking forward to meeting you at the event. 

*Bank account : 3041825002/5500

*At the event would be possible to buy Keith ceremony cacao for your personal use

"The Day of our Cacao Ceremony I will take a lead and guide you to connect with the Cacao Spirit, we will allow Her medicine to guide us exactly where we are about to go.

Some will go quite, some will dance, cry or journal.

I never know where she will take us. I am basically allowing Her to come with me being aware and present, my most important task is to hold a save space for Her and you to arrive.

The ceremony requires movement (shaking, jumping, dancing, or yoga), meditation and deep relaxation with tools as a music, shamanic drum or whatever calls for intention :)

Please note to have comfortable clothing, empty stomach (at least 2 hours before) and expect unexpected :)

Her medicine is very gentle, she basically opens the door - but not push you through it - as Kieths says. Anyway it is a plant medicine :)"

WHY does cacao makes me feel fabulous?

Unique combo of nutrients and bioactive compounds - not just one element.

Theobromine to Caffeine ratio is important in defining Ceremonial Grade Cacao quality

Theobromine is a cardiovascular stimulant, caffeine is a central nervous stimulant

Cacao is psychoactive or psychotropic, not psychadelic or hallucinogenic

Kieth`s cacao has 46.8 Theobromine mg/g and 1.09 caffeine mg/g

15 other Ceremonial Cacao 24.8 Theobromine mg/g and 3.98 caffeine mg/g

Psychoactive Compounds in Cacao


PEA (love chemical) - increases dopamine production, enhances attentiveness and elevated mood, helps with athletic performance, depression, mood, weight loss, attention. Nickname is "chocolate amphetamine"

Anandamide (bliss chemical) - endogenous cannabinoid found in brain, neurotransmitter that targets the same brain structure as THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, make us feel high and blissful

Cacao contains anandamide inhibitors that slow its breakdown in the body prolonging its effects

MAOIs - MAO metabolizes serotonin and dopamine, MAOI based anti.depressants contraindicate with tyramine in cacao

Cacao combined with high dose anti-depressants may cause headaches, migraines and nausea

Health Precautions

Anti-depressants - the monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors in cacao can interact with some anti-depressant medications

Heart Conditions - Cacao increases heart rate by 20-30% and lowers blood pressure. Smaller serving of cacao is recommended.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding (smaller serving of cacao is recommended)

Food Sensitivities - cacao is a fermented food

Animals - Theobromine in cacao can cause severe issues and even death for animals

What to bring:

small offering to the altar (if wanted)

comfortable clothing

journal and pen for capturing your experience

snack of whole foods to break your fast

(recommend not to eat before ceremony at least 2 hours, when you are on fasting is recommend to break your fast and eat after ceremony (2 hours after).

Pre-Ceremony Self Care

No caffeine intake for 6 hours before as it can be overstimulating

No mind-altering substances

No dairy products on the day of the ceremony

Fasting 2-3 hours prior to ceremony for an optimal experience

Post Ceremony Self Care

Break your fast with whole, grounding food

If nauseous, eat a few crackers and hydrate with electrolytes (coconut water)

Drink a lot of water and electrolytes to replenish your system

Take a long, warm bath with Epsom salts

Avoid alcohol, mind-altering drugs and dairy after ceremony and into next day

Reflect on your experience by journaling, drawing, or being in nature.



  • George Zuska

    Local Host, Prague, Czechia


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  • George Zuska

    Mindvalley Local Host, Prague

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    Mindful Branding

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