Brule Hunt #7 in Jõhvi

Saturday, March 18, 2023, 12:00 – 1:30 PM UTC

Topic: Dropping into the frequency of our hearts <3 Shifting our awareness from mind-crippling anxiety towards the loving vibe of our heart frequency is one of the greatest skills that we can try to learn. There is probably no over-the-night method to learn it, but persistence always pays out. Let's "drop" into our hearts together! If this event vibes with you, please RSVP asap!

Coffee and Tea

About this event

Dear Mindvalley Tribe member!

-- ATTENTION! This time, the Brule hunt will happen outside of Tallinn, namely, in Jõhvi.

The hunt will be coupled with an apartment renovation session - we can first destroy the old layers and then build new habits/patterns on this blank, pure canvas. Come just for the brule hunt at 2pm or for the entire day to co-create with your tribe members. Jõhvi can be reached by Elron train (heading towards Narva) and buses + your own car. The address is Sõpruse 8b-34, Ahtme. Do RSVP and also let Silja (text 53650499 or contact via Telegram) know if you need to be  picked up from the train or bus station. Potential train option is leaving from Tallinn at 11:02am (arrives 12:42). Bus at 11:30, arrives at 13:50. --

If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with moments when everything might seem gray and dark. When there are so many worries and concerns that it is a bit hard to breathe.

But if you've been following Mindvalley and its awesome teachers, and if you've previously put in work and effort to evolve beyond the past versions of you, then you might've learned some amazing coping skills and life-shifting techniques that can help you pull yourself back to the present moment. And just breathe. Feeling safe and sound. Feeling OK about who you are, where you're at this very moment, and what you are feeling.

For me, "dropping" into my heart frequency is one of the nicest things I have ever experienced. Heart energy requires me to be vulnerable. To "drop" myself down, to release myself from illusions of control and the false belief that obsessing with something will allow me to solve the issues at hand. 

To feel the softness of my own heart, the timelessness of my own being, and the comfort of my own soul - this is something that I have just recently started to experience. 

I would love you, my fellow life transformers and light workers, to join me and the renovation crew in our Seventh Brule Hunt. Let's share our experiences revolving around this topic <3


I would love us to hold space with each other and exchange our stories, beliefs, and needs without trying to change or enforce anything on each other. Let's discuss and help each other hunt some Brules.

This is where growth begins. By identifying the source of the issue. Or at least by finding some small clue that might push us toward the right direction in our (inter)personal and spiritual growth. 

Once a BRULE is brought to your awareness and you start questioning it, it slowly stops having power over you <3!


No preparation is required for this event. However, you can dedicate some time and think of some Brules or inspiring stories related to this topic and share them with your fellow tribe members - your life stories count, and can shift people's lives! However, some practical preparations are due: bring/wear clothes that can get dirty. We'll be painting and tearing down some old wallpaper, it will get messy!

If you don't have time to search for your own stories, just come and get into the flow of sharing. You might be surprised at the power of your inner wisdom ;)

For the purpose of having an intimate and free-flowing discussion, this event is for up to 10 people.
P. S.: 

If you are a newbie to Mindvalley and the concept of a BRULE isn't familiar to you, please refer to the following definition coined by Vishen Lakhiani:

"A Brule is a bullshit rule that society adopts to simplify its understanding of the world."


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