Brule Hunt #8 and Mindvalley Quests LAN party!

Saturday, April 15, 2023, 12:00 – 5:00 PM UTC

Starting off with the brule hunt and then diving into MV quests LAN party. Topic: Emotions - our ALLY or our ENEMY? Emotions - can they be negative and positive? Maybe they aren't! What if emotions are neutral by nature? Maybe what we do with them, how we interpret them, and what behavioural mechanisms we develop in relation to them, give them the attribute of "negative" and "positive".

About this event

Saturday Brule Hunt, followed by a LAN party - this time happening at Kristina's place! The exact location will be sent to the participants.

We'll start off with the Brule Hunt (more on this below!) and continue with the 2nd edition of Mindvalley quests LAN party. Do bring a laptop and notebook for the second part!

Basically, the LAN party means that we are all in the same room and everyone works on Mindvalley quests on their own. It's like a LAN party that gamers have. The difference? We are not playing computer games. We'll be sitting in front of our computers (or phones or tablets), headphones on, and going through Mindvalley quests. Usually, a quest takes many weeks or a month and you go through one lesson each day. At the LAN party, you just keep going, speeding through the quest like on an express train. If you wish, you can watch the videos at a higher speed too! Why are we doing this? To get stuff done. To finish quests that we might have started at one point but never really completed. To use the synergy of so many people in one room doing the same thing.

We break up the workflow and silence to share our progress from time to time. The very first LAN party in February was great and some of us even completed our first quests after having been members for years already! Come and join this special vibe!

Please bring any snacks and drinks you like for sharing! Below is the longer description for Brule Hunt #8:

Hi, Mindvalley tribe! This text will be a bit longer, but please keep reading to the end - this can potentially turn around some important aspects of your lives :)

I am now 30 years old, and I started focusing on personal development and transformation roughly 5 years ago when I first heard about Mindvalley and consciousness engineering. 

"Are emotions our ally or our enemy?" - This is the question that is (in my personal opinion) in the background of many branches of personal growth - some of them completely ignoring emotions and promoting some sort of spiritual bypass of emotional robotism, some of them over-focusing on emotions alone, and then there are some rare practices that seek for balanced life which includes healthy emotional practices as well. 

In these past few years, I have been investing enormous effort into learning about the power of my mind, and how to harness it to achieve and manifest the greatest of my goals. All good with that. But until 3 years ago or so, it hasn't occurred to me that I have been, as always before, shutting down one of the most important aspects of my being - my emotions and emotional intelligence. I have always been good at being sentimental, and I was rather proficient in rationalizing my emotions - but I was unable to feel them, tap into their inherent messages and enormous energy potential that come with them. 

In 2020, I found a book written by Karla McLaren titled "The Language of Emotions", and it caused some sort of revolution inside my psyche, mind, and body that is still taking place. With this amazing author, who has been involved in her therapeutic practice called "dynamic emotional integration" for 40+ years, I was able to learn about a totally upside-down approach/model of reality related to emotions and emoting:  "there is no such thing as negative and positive emotions". According to the author, there are only different intensities of emotions, and it is beliefs and practices that we adopt in relation to emotions that make our perceptions and experiences of emotions "negative"/"positive"

..with each emotion comes the message, and the requirement to take certain actions - if only we listen to their messages and instructions. There is enormous intelligence hidden in each of our emotions, even in hatred, which tells us about our shadows - what disturbs you in others is most probably a part of you and you should do something about it. Sadness tells us what doesn't work for us anymore and for what it's time to let go of. Grief is there to ground us and help us to organically move through the fact that something has been lost forever. Happiness is here to tell us what is welcome in our lives and what we should be cheering about. Contentment can help us reaffirm our existence by recognizing our true value and capabilities. And there are many more emotions, which can then be put into different families. Anger firmly informs us that our boundaries and values have been breached and that we have to (re)assert our healthy boundaries. Healthy shame (which is different from toxic shame) helps us set up our own belief and value system authentic to us only, and it helps us to keep our behaviour at bay so that we do not tramp over other people's values and boundaries. Fear is basically our intuition that helps us take actions to protect ourselves, while anxiety tells us what we need to do to be prepared for the future. 

In short, in this model of reality (set of beliefs) and systems for living (habits, approaches to dealing with emotions) that I described above, emotions are our allies and they play a crucial role in our self-regulation and the way we position ourselves in this world. They can cooperate with our intellect and mind if we allow them. They are supposed to be situational, momentary, and fluid, not fixed (for example: pursuing happiness at all costs, when we should actually allow ourselves to grieve). If we try to fixate our ideas of how life should look like on our emotional states, then we might get frozen in amber - we may start avoiding, dissociating, repressing, and ignoring emotions altogether. 

I personally envision my life as a perpetual experience of balance and piece. Being peaceful for me is evolving beyond "happiness at all costs". I can choose to self-regulate and be peaceful no matter what feelings surface in my emotional body, but I need to improve my emotional literacy and skills. 

What about you? What is your perception of emotions, what models/approaches do you use to help yourself in the processing of the emotions?

What are some other models of reality and systems for living for our emotions that we can employ and use in our lives, without getting fixated on either of them? 

P.s.: I know that his topic might be quite activating for us, therefore, the basic guideline is: Let's exchange views, beliefs and opinions with love and respect for where each of us is in our journey of growth and healing. 

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I would love us to hold space with each other and exchange our stories, beliefs, and needs without trying to change or enforce any ideas on each other.

Let's discuss and help each other hunt some Brules.

This is where growth begins. By identifying the source of the issue. Or at least by finding some small clue that might push us toward the right direction in our (inter)personal and spiritual growth. 

Once a BRULE is brought to your awareness and you start questioning it, it slowly stops having power over you <3!


No preparation is required for this event. However, you can dedicate some time and think of some Brules or inspiring stories related to this topic and share them with your fellow tribe members - your life stories count, and can shift people's lives! However, some practical preparations are due: bring/wear clothes that can get dirty. We'll be painting and tearing down some old wallpaper, it will get messy!

If you don't have time to search for your own stories, just come and get into the flow of sharing. You might be surprised at the power of your inner wisdom ;)

For the purpose of having an intimate and free-flowing discussion, this event is for up to 10 people.
P. S.: 

If you are a newbie to Mindvalley and the concept of a BRULE isn't familiar to you, please refer to the following definition coined by Vishen Lakhiani:

"A Brule is a bullshit rule that society adopts to simplify its understanding of the world."



Saturday, April 15, 2023
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM UTC