Brule Hunt #9

Saturday, April 29, 2023, 1:30 – 3:00 PM UTC

Topic: Peace and balance vs. Happiness In this busy world filled with tons of pieces of emotional and other stimuli, it is rather challenging to "lead happy lives". But what is a happy live? Should happiness be our goal, or are piece and balance a better goal to pursue? What do you think? Let's dive in together and exchange our ideas! If this event vibes with you, please RSVP asap!

Coffee and Tea

About this event

Following a fiery topic on emotions and whether they are our allies or enemies at our Brule Hunt #8, it might be of use to follow-up with a very much related topic:

"What is a better goal to pursue - happiness, or is it peace and balance?" Is it even a good idea to set emotional states as our goals? Is seeing happiness as the only eligible (emotional) state of living a BRULE in and of itself? Or is it not? 

What if we could reframe our model of reality, and (for example) set ourselves a goal of evolving into emotionally intelligent and flexible human being instead? Or any other model of reality that would be most gentle and supportive of our journey on this planet in this lifetime. 

I admit - I am, as a person, very prone to repressing emotions that are not happiness, joy or contentment. I am experiencing delays when there are situation where I should deal with challenging situation that provoke in me anger, sadness, grief and other emotions. 

I want to further free myself from the Brules related to happiness, as a part of my overall journey of personal integration. It is a topic that might activate a lot of shaddows, but this is why I want to do it! 

Let our discussion be thought provoking, and mutually respectful at the same time. I can have my views, and you can have your views. We can co-exist even when our take on realities of emotional experience are different. This is what makes the world challenging, yet so beatufiul and worth experiencing. 

You can watch this video authored by a therapist Karla McLaren titled "Happiness is not a goal" as a prompt before we meet:

I would love us to hold space with each other and exchange our stories, beliefs, and needs without trying to change or enforce any ideas on each other.

Let's discuss and help each other hunt some Brules.

This is where growth begins. By identifying the source of the issue. Or at least by finding some small clue that might push us toward the right direction in our (inter)personal and spiritual growth. 

Once a BRULE is brought to your awareness and you start questioning it, it slowly stops having power over you <3!


No preparation is required for this event. However, you can dedicate some time and think of some Brules or inspiring stories related to this topic and share them with your fellow tribe members - your life stories count, and can shift people's lives! However, some practical preparations are due: bring/wear clothes that can get dirty. We'll be painting and tearing down some old wallpaper, it will get messy!

If you don't have time to search for your own stories, just come and get into the flow of sharing. You might be surprised at the power of your inner wisdom ;)

For the purpose of having an intimate and free-flowing discussion, this event is for up to 10 people.
P. S.: 

If you are a newbie to Mindvalley and the concept of a BRULE isn't familiar to you, please refer to the following definition coined by Vishen Lakhiani:

"A Brule is a bullshit rule that society adopts to simplify its understanding of the world."


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