Monthly Writers Meetup: Keep the Writing Ball Rolling

Estonia 🇪🇪

Wed, Mar 15, 3:30 PM (UTC)

Do you write? Do you plan to write? Come join me for a monthly writers' meetup where we can discuss anything related to writing, creativity, and productivity. How is your writing going so far? What have you discovered about yourself, your stories? We'll also dedicate about half an hour to actual writing!


Coffee and Tea

About this event

Let's come together for a few hours of discussions on the topic of creative writing. Share your current writing goals as well as obstacles. Let's spark each other's fires and find solutions to any problems that arise. 

After some discussions, let's do some actual writing. Writers write and we will write a bit. No need to share the outcome if you don't want to. No need to write perfect prose or poems on the first try. However, you do need to give it a try and see whatever comes up.

Come and discover the writer within you. Come even if you don't even know what you are about to write (or edit). Come to discover. It's more fun together!

About me: my professional background is in translation and different forms of writing. I have been writing stories since I was 9. I took it as far as acquiring an MA in Creative Writing and have written all kinds of stories, self-published on Amazon, participated in NaNoWriMo writing challenges, written several books (not all of them yet published) on creative writing, recorded my own writing podcast, and listened to hundreds of hours of writing podcasts. Believe me, I have thought a lot about writing and would be happy to share my insights with you! I also truly believe that you have a new perspective to offer. Do come and share.


  • Silja Paulus

    Local Host, Estonia



Wednesday, 15 March
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (GMT+2)

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