MV Cooking - Love goes through stomach

Estonia 🇪🇪

Sat, Mar 25, 1:00 PM (UTC)

This will be our second ever Mindvalley Cooking gathering! The first one organized by Silja Paulus turned out great! :) To simplify things logistically, you are kindly asked to bring your own preferred beverages and ingredients for the food that you want to prepare <3 More details in event description. If this event resonates with you, please RSVP asap! Event is for up to 8 people!



About this event

This will be our second ever Mindvalley Cooking gathering! The first one organized by Silja Paulus turned out great! :)

The host of this gathering will be me (Gregor Obrez 🐿️🐿️). I come from sLOVEnia, therefore I chose a topic "Love goes through stomach", which is our national proverb when we talk about love. Yeah, so sugary, but so me!

This event will be relaxing and fun! We will  meet and cook together with a powerful shared intention: pouring loving thoughts and compassion into our food.

Let us experiment with our food intentions, and experience the magic that can be felt when our "love goes through stomach" of fellow attendees. 

 I do not own a TV, but I am sure there will be plenty of meaningful and fun conversations and laughing. We might go for a stroll to Kadriorg or Rusalka. I have a small sauna in my apartment, perhaps we could do that as well. And, we might even hunt down a BRULE or two, as I am a passionate brule hunter 🙌🙌

For logistical purposes, let's simplify the procedure to the following steps - each attendee:
1.  shall bring a preferred beverage;
2. shall think of a simple meal and bring related ingredients
***Salt, pepper, sugar and some other ingredients are going to be available. And, little selver shop is 1 minute walk away, so we can go buy whatever might be missing immediatelly!

 3. When it comes to electrical appliances, my kitchen is barely functional, but I do own a prehistoric hand- powered mixer, should anyone want to do pancake dough 🥞🥞.

I suggest you keeping in mind some simple dish, no need to invest too much money - as long as you put loving thoughts in it you will have reached your goal for this event!

Instructions for attendees to enter the hosting location:

When you arrive to the address, please send a message to +37254410549 saying who you are and that you are downstairs - unfortunatelly, there is no ringing bell in my apartment (yet)!


  • Gregor Obrez

    Local Host, Estonia



Saturday, 25 March
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM (GMT+2)

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  • Steve Allen

    Wisdom Discovery

    Community Manager, Mindvalley

  • Gregor Obrez


    Mindvalley Local Host, Tallinn

  • Alexandra Krohn

    Local Host, Tallinn

  • Laura Roman

    Local Coordinator, Tallinn

  • Silja Paulus

    Loovelu OÜ

    Local Coordinator, Tallinn

  • Katrin Vilimaa-Otsing

    Turunduskoolitus OÜ

    Mindvalley Local Host, Tallinn