The 3 Most Important Questions In-Person Meetup, Miami

Saturday, June 24, 2023, 4:30 โ€“ 6:30 PM UTC

Whether you're new to the 3MIQs or have experienced their magic before, this immersive event, filled with a vibrant community, will provide you with clarity, accountability, and unstoppable momentum towards your biggest aspirations

Mindvalley Cafe

About this event

Food and Refreshments provided!!!

1. To dream together with your community and get clear on your 3MIQ

2. To take at least one action on one thing on the list within the first week. (everyone speaks up, I commit to doing ONE thing from this list) - it could be researching a big trip, booking a class, starting a routine.. (Keep it simple)

3. To use this as a catalyst to create future meetups that truly help each other reach their goals. 

Street Parking Available

Any questions contact Richard Capote @ 305-297-2547


  • Richard Capote


  • Belle Vie

    Belle Vie - @iambellevie

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Florida

  • Richard Capote

    Mindvalley Local Host, Miami

  • Jana Shelfer

    Living Lucky

    Mindvalley Local Host, Florida

  • Jason Shelfer

    Living Lucky

    Mindvalley Local Host, Florida

  • Anastasia Platitsyna