Let your dream come true - Why Ease and Play are crucial to Manifesting, Germany Virtual Meetup (EN)

Tuesday, July 4, 2023, 4:00 ÔÇô 5:00 PM UTC

Learn how to use your built-in guidance system to manifest with ease - the secret behind "The Secret" and how to pracitcally apply it.

About this event

June was the 3MIQ month at Mindvalley. That quest (and the meetups around it) is one of the most powerful tools to manifest your dreams and create a life of fulfilment.

I offered this meet-up in German language before, this time I will do it for the English speaking community.

As the power of manifestation plays a great role in letting your dreams come true, this virtual event will show you why you might have had difficulties with manifesting what you desire. you might ask yourself, why you still do not see the results, despite all visualizations and writing letters to the universe. Believe me, you are not the only one.

The secret to successful manifesting lies in your frequency and when to be specific VS being more general in your asking.

That's why I invite you to this meetup where I show you how to raise your frequency and make manifesting way easier.

Become a Manifastation-Magician - playfully and with ease.

During the event, you┬┤ll get the opportunity to raise the vibration of your dream, project, or wish in just 60 seconds. This will prepare you to apply this method to anything you want at any time.

What to bring:

- The topic you want to manifest

- Access to Zoom

- Playfulness and Curiosity

You can contact Verena via Email vee10409@mac.com

About the host:

Verena has a deep understanding of the Law of Attraction since 2017, has attended an Abraham Hicks live event and experienced how Visualization works and when - and also the reason when it doesnt.


  • Verena Webel

    Mindvalley Circle Host


  • Dana Ackermann

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany

  • Jack Ullrich

    Mindvalley Local Host, Berlin

  • Cimin Wirth

    Mindvalley Local Host, Bremen

  • Maria Malcherczyk-Hoffmann

    Healthy Curves

    Mindvalley Local Host, Munich

  • Nassim Medjahed

    Mindvalley Local Host, D├╝sseldorf

  • Verena Webel

    Verena Webel Coaching

    Mindvalley Local Host, Berlin & Cape Town

  • Mergime Gerguri

    Mindvalley Local Host, D├╝sseldorf

  • Victor V├«lceanu

    Bauhaus University Weimar

    Mindvalley Local Hosts, Weimar

  • Melissa Kazan

    Melissa Kazan Coaching

    Mindvalley Local Host, Frankfurt am Main

  • Katrin Weller

    Mindvalley Local Host, Berlin

  • Asl─▒ Ayten

    Transformative Texture

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany