Lifebook Circle Meetup, Düsseldorf, Germany

Saturday, September 23, 2023, 9:00 – 11:30 AM UTC

Lasst uns ZUSAMMENKOMMEN in DÜSSELDORF! ✨💫✨ Dear Community, Let’s meet and connect around our life visions, empower each other and share a meaningful time.

About this event


Hello friends,

This invite is extended for you to connect or reconnect with the community in Düsseldorf.

Let’s connect in a cosy space and around life visions, discuss the most important elements from our lifebook and core life categories, and empower each other towards them.

This invite is extended to you even if you haven’t completed the Lifebook program.

Please join this telegram group to discuss, short and fast, last-minute information before the event:


  • Nassim Medjahed

    Mindvalley Local Meetup Host


  • Dana Ackermann

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany

  • Jack Ullrich

    Mindvalley Local Host, Berlin

  • Cimin Wirth

    Mindvalley Local Host, Bremen

  • Maria Malcherczyk-Hoffmann

    Healthy Curves

    Mindvalley Local Host, Munich

  • Nassim Medjahed

    Mindvalley Local Host, Düsseldorf

  • Verena Webel

    Verena Webel Coaching

    Mindvalley Local Host, Berlin & Cape Town

  • Mergime Gerguri

    Mindvalley Local Host, Düsseldorf

  • Victor Vîlceanu

    Bauhaus University Weimar

    Mindvalley Local Hosts, Weimar

  • Melissa Kazan

    Melissa Kazan Coaching

    Mindvalley Local Host, Frankfurt am Main

  • Katrin Weller

    Mindvalley Local Host, Berlin

  • Aslı Ayten

    Transformative Texture

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany