MVU Meetup and Picknick-Dinner for German AND UAE Tribe in Tallinn, Estonia

Friday, July 7, 2023, 3:30 – 6:00 PM UTC

Please notice - for German and UAE Tribe only! After the first days of MVU we celebrate our Come together. Kids are very welcome!


About this event

This is a meetup for the German and the UAE Tribe only.

We, your hosts, feel very connected to both tribes so we offer a very special „Balance of Elements“ - Picknick here in Tallinn while MVU.

We want to get in touch, share our first impressions, our thoughts, answering questions if we can and we want to have a lot of fun.

Kids are very welcome - they are our family, our biggest teachers and our asking Masters. We only can grow with kids in our life. 

For everyones comfortability we will meet next to the children ´s play areas at Kalamaja Park. We would like to celebrate our time here while MVU and make it for everybody possible - so please bring your own beverages and food. You can also order by bolt or uber or buy something at SUVILA if you prefer. (Sulva: Snacks and Pizza )

Sidenote: we named this our BoE-Meetup because we included all elements:

🔥 hot and modern Fire of the Emirates 🔥

🌊 cold Water of the Northern Sea 🌊

🌳 green Trees of the Kalamaja Park 🌳

🌬️ fresh air ´cause Picknick is outside 

and the 5th element is Love because of the ❤️ Kindness and the Attention ❤️ we share if we come together. So we hope the weather is also with us! 🙂



  • Inken Stolley

    Local Host & Coordinator

  • Cimin Wirth

    Cimin Wirth bewusst ~ er ~ leben


  • Dana Ackermann

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany

  • Jack Ullrich

    Mindvalley Local Host, Berlin

  • Cimin Wirth

    Mindvalley Local Host, Bremen

  • Maria Malcherczyk-Hoffmann

    Healthy Curves

    Mindvalley Local Host, Munich

  • Nassim Medjahed

    Mindvalley Local Host, Düsseldorf

  • Verena Webel

    Verena Webel Coaching

    Mindvalley Local Host, Berlin & Cape Town

  • Mergime Gerguri

    Mindvalley Local Host, Düsseldorf

  • Victor Vîlceanu

    Bauhaus University Weimar

    Mindvalley Local Hosts, Weimar

  • Melissa Kazan

    Melissa Kazan Coaching

    Mindvalley Local Host, Frankfurt am Main

  • Katrin Weller

    Mindvalley Local Host, Berlin

  • Aslı Ayten

    Transformative Texture

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany