Mindvalley Café, St. Paul, Minnesota USA

Minnesota 🇺🇸

Sun, Jan 8, 3:30 PM (UTC)


About this event

Our community goes deep and transformative via Mindvalley Cafe, sharing perspectives and questions about the same topic worldwide.
We're meeting for a coffee (or 'not-coffee' as you please) with friends to hang out and talk.

This week's topic is: Envisioning

How do I participate?

  • RSVP so the host can secure appropriate seating and you can receive updated information on the event
  • Mark Your Calendar!
  • Join Our Local Minnesota Telegram Group

*A waitlist option will be available after 10 RSVPs have been received.

The day of the event, give yourself enough time to:

  • Find parking: Street parking is FREE in Saint Paul on Sundays.
  • Order beverage or food - Creator's Cup Website/Menu
  • Look for the purple "Mindvalley wings" on a sign.
  • Silence your phone, open your heart & mind, and join the conversation!

*This is a free event >> RSVP so the host can secure seating for everyone.


  • Rich Thomsen



Sunday, 8 January
9:30 AM - 11:00 AM (CST)

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3:30 PMIntroductions (people and topic)
3:45 PMConversation Time
5:00 PMGroup Photo & Event End


  • Evgeniya Djuranovic

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Maple Grove

  • Rich Thomsen

    Life coach, Mindvalley Local Host, Vadnais Heights