Atlanta, Georgia Beltline Walk and Dinner

Thursday, January 19, 2023, 9:00 – 11:00 PM UTC

Let's take a short walk along Atlanta's beltline in the 4th Ward. The trail is a mix of city and nature, with a concrete path that snakes through neighborhoods, runs alongside the expressway and opens out in places to lush greenery areas and parks. We will walk about 1.5 -2 miles in about 30 minutes and settle down for a delicious meal at Barcelona's Wine bar. The perfect afternoon winddown.

About this event

This mid-week walk and dinner experience aims to give our Mindvalley family in Georgia an opportunity to get to know one another in a setting that prompts physical activity and a bonding experience with dining together afterwards.  Atlanta Beltline is described as one of the most comprehensive transportation and economic development efforts in the country.  Atlanta beltline spans across 22 miles and encircles the metropolis of the city of Atlanta.  

Barcelona Wine Bar is one of Atlanta's star tapas restaurants inspired by the culture of Spain.  Their website boasts they have one of the largest Spanish wine programs in the U.S. with an ever-changing menu that highlights seasonal ingredients with specialties from Spain and the Mediterranean.  Barcelona is a cashless restaurant.  More information can be found on their website:  We will be attending during "Happy Hour" so check out that menu. 

We will meet at the underground parking garage located on the street just south of the restaurant.  Parking is free for consumers of the surrounding businesses.  Here is the link to directions via google maps for the restaurant.

We will allow time for 10-15 mins for participants to arrive proceeding on our walk (weather permitting) at 4:10pm.  We will arrive at Barcelona Restaurant no later than 4:45 pm for dinner.  Reservations are under Yvette.  Feel free to call me if needed 404-201-0328 


  • Yvette Muhammad


  • Joy Harris

    Mindvalley Soul Circle

    Mindvalley Local Host, Ohio

  • Kimberly Scheremeta

    Mindvalley Local Host, NYC

  • Ashley Potts

    Self Energy Flow LLC

    Owner, Mindvalley Local Host, Minnesota

  • Pooja Mahtani

    Akasha Codes, LLC

    Local Host, USA, Massachusetts

  • Pollyanna Chavez

    Mindvalley Local Host, Georgia, USA

  • Yvette Muhammad

    Conscientious Counsel

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  • Mariana Photiou

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