Mindvalley Cafe for Sweden 🇸🇪 in Tallinn Estonia 🇪🇪

Sunday, July 16, 2023, 9:30 – 11:30 AM UTC

MVU Sweden 🇸🇪 Coffee/Lunch Meet-up at Mindvalley university Get to know your regional members in the second week on Campus.

Coffee and Tea
Mindvalley Cafe

About this event

Welcome to Mindvalley Cafe/Lunch (Mindvalley University Edition) at T35 - The Breakfast Club, Tallinn, Estonia

Gather with fellow tribe members to hang out and have significant, meaningful, and fun conversations around interesting, engaging topics, where we, the community, become the centre of attention.

Follow the steps below to join:

1. Click RSVP above and choose ‘attending’. Then click the link under the date.

2. Select RSVP to get your access in the new meetup window. (Note: You will need to create a new profile if it’s your first time on the RSVP/Meetup site)

3. Check your email for your RSVP confirmation. (check junk/spam folder)

4. Add to your calendar or save the link to join when the event begins.

The event involves meeting at a cafe and then chit-chatting about Mindvalley UNIVERSITY. (Languages supported are Swedish and English)

Get to know each other and create connections.

See you there,

Daphne and Julia 


  • Julia Haking

    Local Host, Sweden

  • Daphne Haking

    Freedom Embodiment

    Life Coach


  • Dijana Llugolli

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Stockholm

  • Elena Shak

    Mindvalley Local Host, Stockholm

  • Julia Haking

    Muse Maker

    Embodiment Coach, Mindvalley Local Host, Sweden

  • Daphne Haking

    Muse Maker

    Embodiment Coach