Women’s sauna, breathwork and ice bath

Monday, February 13, 2023, 5:15 – 7:30 PM UTC

Reverse ageing with other courageous women at Hellasgorden’s women's sauna


About this event

For this event, you must sign up for the sauna at Hellasgården’s website https://hellasgarden.se/en/aktiviteter/bastu/

Select the start time 18:30, Monday 13 February. Tickets are limited and the sauna will be shared with other women. The price is 120kr and we will meet at the entrance at 18:20. 

Beautiful Mindvalley Women, 

The human body’s response to the cold is similar to how we respond to other stressors in life. This includes reactions such as an elevated heart rate, feelings of panic, body contractions, and shallow breathing. Wim Hof’s breathing technique regulates the nervous system and controls the body during ice bathing (cold therapy). With the right mindset and this technique, we can enhance our wellbeing. Intentionally subjecting ourselves to distress helps us cope with stress better, and that’s precisely what makes cold immersion so impactful. Before the cold bath, we will enjoy breathwork and sauna (hot therapy).

What you need:

1. One towel for sauna and one towel for shower

2. Slippers/flip-flops to walk to the lake

3. Water bottle

4. Padlock to the locker

5. Swimwear (optional)

Important! If you have cardiovascular problems or do not feel 100% fit, you should not go into the cold water!

Looking forward to sharing the great pleasure of Ice Bathing with you!

Julia and the Swedish hosting team 


  • Julia Haking

    Local Host, Sweden


  • Dijana Llugolli

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Stockholm

  • Elena Shak

    Mindvalley Local Host, Stockholm

  • Julia Haking

    Embodiment Coach, Mindvalley Local Host, Sweden

  • Daphne Haking

    Muse Maker

    Embodiment Coach