Yoga | Sun Salutation "Surja Namaskar" and Swim, Zug, Switzerland

Switzerland 🇨🇭

Sun, Jun 11, 7:15 AM (UTC)



About this event

On the beautiful shore of lake Zug we will do yoga together (sun salutation) and go for a short swim afterwards.

Location: (Badi Brüggli)   

Parking location is: or  

For public transport, take a bus B6, 7 or 16 from main station to Badi Brüggli (9 minutes ride)

Afterwards we go to the Freiruum either by car (5 minutes) or on foot (20 minutes). Usually you can catch a ride with anyone who's there by car.

Surya Namaskar is a series of twelve different physical movements. These movements consist of alternate backward and forward bending asanas, thereby flexing and stretching the spinal column and limbs to their maximum capacity. It massages, tones, stretches and stimulates all the muscles and vital organs of the body.

Short Video explaining the excercise:

Cheers to the flexible!  Dave, Mark & Mireille


  • Mireille Schall

  • Mark Eggimann

  • David Stierli



Sunday, 11 June
9:15 AM - 9:45 AM (GMT+2)

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