Lifebook Connect | Mindvalley Meetup, Dubai, UAE

Saturday, August 19, 2023, 6:30 – 8:30 AM UTC

Welcome to the Monthly Lifebookers Meetup in the United Arab Emirates! Join us for an inspiring and transformative gathering where we come together to discuss our goals, share our current state of being, & delve into the profound concepts of lifebooks & life visions. This meetup is designed to create a supportive & empowering community that will help each of us flourish on our personal journeys.


About this event

Who is it for

This meetup is ONLY for those who have completed their Lifebooks, want to stay accountable to their Life Vision, and make sure they're on track to achieving their goals.

Whether you're just starting your Lifebook journey or you're a seasoned pro, you'll find plenty of valuable insights and actionable strategies that will help you take your Life Vision to the next level.

What you will learn/do

During our sessions, we will engage in open discussions about our lifebooks: our aspirations, values, and objectives in various areas of life. By sharing our life visions and experiences, we can gain valuable insights, draw inspiration, and receive constructive feedback from others who are walking a similar path.

One of the key aspects of the Lifebookers Meetup is accountability. We believe that having a supportive community is crucial for staying focused and motivated. Through regular check-ins and progress updates, we will hold each other accountable to ensure that we are actively working towards our goals. This collective support will not only foster personal growth but also encourage resilience during challenging times and help overcome any blockers we may encounter along the way.

⚠ What you need to know before you come


We meet on the first floor of the Trois Coffee Shop in Mohammed bin Rashid Library in Al Jaddaf - Dubai.

What you need to bring

Make sure to bring:

  • your Lifebook, Life Vision Synopsis, habit tracker or any resources you have created or use to track your habits and routines
  • a note-taking tool such as a notebook and pen or a laptop/tablet
  • an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow
  • a bottle or two of water

There is coffee and food for purchases at the coffee shop.

About the host

Anna Kelian is an enabler, teacher, trainer, coach, and Lifebook Leader with over two decades of experience in empowering and enabling individuals to discover their life purpose and live a fulfilling life filled with meaningful experiences and without any regrets.

For questions, contact Anna:


I haven't done Lifebook or I haven't completed my Lifebook yet, can I join this meetup?

Thank you for your interest in our Lifebook Connect meetup! Please note that this session is designed for individuals who have already completed the Lifebook program. In order to fully benefit from the session, it is important to have completed the initial Lifebook process of creating your Life Vision. We will be revising and updating our Life Visions during the session, which builds upon the foundation established in the Lifebook program. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to connecting with you at a future event.


  • Anna Kelian

    Rise An Eagle

    Enabler, educator, trainer, coach


  • Inken Stolley

    Mindvalley Local Host & Coordinator, Dubai

  • Sukhminder J Singh

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Dubai

  • Faraaz Ali

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator and Circle Host

  • Anna Kelian

    Rise An Eagle

    Mindvalley Local Host, Dubai

  • Rajni Ghosh

    Mindvalley Dubai Host

    Mindvalley Local Host, Dubai

  • Roopa sharma

    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

    Mindvalley Local Host, Dubai

  • Zeina Habib

    United Nations World Food Programme

    Mindvalley Local Host, Dubai

  • Dana Ackermann

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany

  • Andra Trita

    Renaissance Muse

    Local Host Romania

  • Zishan Khan


    Local Host, London, UK

  • Marta Isabel Salazar

    Local Host, Italy

  • Dariana Osnato

    Local Host, Israel


    Local Host, Singapore

  • Manissha Pandit


    Local Host, UAE

  • Muneer Al Busaidi

    Local Host, UAE

  • Serena Chaudhry Pandey

    Mindvalley Host