Post Mindvalley Live Dubai reflection & recovery call

Monday, March 6, 2023, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM UTC

To handle your post blues after the Mindvalley event let’s have a reflection session.

Virtual Chapter Meetup

About this event

Mindvalley Live Dubai reflection & recovery call Means we get to talk about the feelings ls you are experiencing at present.

Like most of us:

- there is the lack of sleep finally adjusting

- the weirdness of operating outside your tribe

- the overwhelm and excitement of all the amazing information.

- and the FOMO on meet-ups 

So how do we handle this:

1. We have a reflection session with experienced heads who have done this before.

2. There will strategies on how to remain in the high vibrations.

3, Also time for Q&A on how to rock life post the biggest Mindvalley live ever.

So join us and let’s have a virtual run this time so we can include our international guests as well who joined in Dubai.


  • Faraaz Ali

    Circle Host, Global Host & Local Coordinator



  • Inken Stolley

    Mindvalley Local Host & Coordinator, Dubai

  • Sukhminder J Singh

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Dubai

  • Faraaz Ali

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator and Circle Host

  • Anna Kelian

    Rise An Eagle

    Mindvalley Local Host, Dubai

  • Rajni Ghosh

    Mindvalley Dubai Host

    Mindvalley Local Host, Dubai

  • Roopa sharma

    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

    Mindvalley Local Host, Dubai

  • Zeina Habib

    United Nations World Food Programme

    Mindvalley Local Host, Dubai

  • Dana Ackermann

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany

  • Andra Trita

    Renaissance Muse

    Local Host Romania

  • Zishan Khan


    Local Host, London, UK

  • Marta Isabel Salazar

    Local Host, Italy

  • Dariana Osnato

    Local Host, Israel


    Local Host, Singapore

  • Manissha Pandit


    Local Host, UAE

  • Muneer Al Busaidi

    Local Host, UAE

  • Serena Chaudhry Pandey

    Mindvalley Host