Danza Primal Circle

Thursday, March 23, 2023, 3:00 – 4:20 PM UTC

“Danza Primal is the best way to pause the craziness of the mind."

About this event

Danza Primal is a powerful embodiment practice that helps you balance your masculine and feminine energies, and strengthens a more conscious, powerful and loving self.

Danza Primal originated in Argentina 35 years ago and it integrates the eastern philosophies of the chakras with the western sciences of psychology. 

Danz Primal helps you connect with your body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit and will provide you with new tools for a thriving daily life. 

Through music and facilitation, Danza Primal can help you access altered state of consciousness where you may remember and experience your innate capacities of TRUST, JOY, POWER, AFFECTION, CREATIVITY, INTUITION and TRANSCENDENCE. 

In each session we practice different songs and narratives so you can really experience the capacities of each of the 7 chakras in a new way each time.

David Lamka studied for 3 years Danza Primal with its creator, Daniel Taroppio, in order to graduate as a Danza Primal Teacher in 2016.