Who Are You . . . Really?

Wednesday, August 30, 2023, 3:00 – 4:00 PM UTC

Let's take this moment to connect and explore together


About this event

Wednesday, 30 August June

Join us to explore

Topic: “Who Are You…Really?”

Hosted by: Angela Dutton, along with Joy Harris

RSVP and Join event here: https://meetup.mindvalley.com/e/m2r9xg/

  • 8 am PDT- Los Angeles
  • 9 am MDT Santa Fe
  • 11 am EDT - New York
  • 4 pm BST - London
  • 5 pm CEST - Rome
  • 5 pm SAST - Johannesburg
  • 7 pm GST - Abu Dhabi
  • 8:30pm IST - India
  • 10pm WIB - Jakarta

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!

Join our weekly circle where we gather to be curious, ask questions and explore all things soulful and spiritual. Join the conversation as we navigate the fascinating world of spirituality, what this diverse category means to us, plus some tools and techniques we can use to explore this space together as a community.

With love and gratitude

The Soul Circles Hosting Team


  • Angela Dutton

  • Joy Harris


  • Despina Charavgi

    Mindvalley Senior Local Host, Greece

  • Vivienne Keytel

    Circle Host & Local Co-ordinator South Africa

    Mindvalley Senior Local Host, South Africa

  • Monica Ducu

    Mindvalley Senior Local Coordinator, Romania

  • Dariana Osnato

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Israel

  • Faraaz Ali

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Norway

  • Dana Ackermann

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany and Romania

  • Ivan Garcia

    Educator, Mindvalley Circle Host

  • Drina Bascón-Scheffler

    Mindvalley Local Host, Germany

  • Joy Harris

    Mindvalley Soul Circle

    Mindvalley Local Host, USA, Southwest

  • Dijana Llugolli

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Sweden

  • Tri Nuraini

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Indonesia

  • Lawrence Tuazon

    Founder, Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Philippines

  • Verena Webel

    Verena Webel Coaching

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Germany

  • Nidhi Sood

    Mindvalley Local Host, India

  • Aslı Eti

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Turkey

  • Dao Lam

    TD Arts

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Vietnam

  • Kay Maddock

    Mindvalley Circle Host

  • Katrina Booze

    Mindvalley Circle Host

  • Lindsey Frank

    Mindvalley Soul Circle

    Mindvalley Circle Host

  • Chamali Smith

    Mindvalley Circle Host

  • Gaviotta Cruz

    Mindvalley senior

    Senior Quest Host

  • Aslı Ayten

    Transformative Texture

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Germany

  • Dani Glaeser

    Inner Lighthouse Musings

    Lifebook Leader

  • Christina Hepburn

    Hepburn Productions Inc

    Mindvalley Circle Host

  • Marcelo Côrtes Fernandes

    Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Brazil

  • Mauro Cadavid

    Embajador Lifebook & Lifebook Mastery

  • Freeman Fung

    Travel To Transform

    Mindvalley Life Coach

  • Ana Sroka

    Mindvalley local coordinator for Poland , Silva Ultramind ambassador

    Mindvalley Circle Host

  • Tasneem Goheer

    Mindvalley Circle Host

  • Isis Davila Barrios

    Anfitriona Categoria Alma

  • Mía Casanova


    Embajadora Super Cerebro

  • Kerry Fisher

    Be Extraordinary Publishing

    Mindvalley Local Host, NYC

  • Yakelyn Katerin Ore Quispe

    Disciplina positiva

    Embajadora Lifebook