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Local Meetup

Mindvalley Local Meet Up - Bengaluru Chapter

Local Lunch

Is it significant to take a break

Virtual Chapter Meetup

AI Basics for productivity Workshop by AI Consultant Marcel Samyn

Local Meetup

The 3 Most Important Questions (3MIQ) In-person Meet Up - Delhi NCR

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Nidhi Sood

Mindvalley Local Host, New Delhi

raiya sinha

Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Mumbai

Sundar Rama Raju Sagiraju

Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Hyderabad

Anurag vats

Mindvalley Local Host, Kolkata

Shruti Shailajan

Mindvalley Local Host, Bangalore

Parvati T

Local Host, New Delhi

Rohan Chaware

Mindvalley Local Host, Pune

Lipcia maria Barthel

Mindvalley Local Host, Bangalore