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Upcoming events

Sep 28, 2023

Virtual Chapter Meetup

2023 - Anul Inteligenței Artificiale

2023 - Anul Inteligenței Artificiale

Past events

Local Dinner

Mindvalley Local Dinner CLUJ, Romania

Local Dinner

Mindvalley Dinner & Cocktails

Local Meetup

Mindvalley Meetup Cluj - Napoca - Brunch

Local Dinner

Mindvalley Bucharest Dinner and Dance editia 3

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Ioana Lucretia

Mindvalley Local Host, Bucharest
Magnetic Thought Leader

Andra Trita

Mindvalley Local Host, Bucharest
Renaissance Muse

Dana Ackermann

Mindvalley Coach, Local Host, Sibiu, Romania

Monica Ducu

Mindvalley Local Host, Sibiu

Izabella Geapana

Mindvalley Local Host, Cluj
Mindvalley Local Host, Cluj-Napoca, Romania