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Past events

Local Meetup

Promenade stroll and qi gong flow with like minded awesome people 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Local Meetup

Labyrinth Gathering meet-up event at Green Point's beautiful park!

Local Meetup

Unite & Explore while hiking Cape Town's Beauty Connecting with nature & with each other in this 4km

Local Coffee

Coffee & Connection

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Vivienne Keytel

Mindvalley Local Coordinator, Johannesburg
Circle Host & Local Co-ordinator South Africa

Fanny Galus

Mindvalley Local Host, Cape Town
Galus Method

Luciana Pierangeli

Mindvalley Local Host, Cape Town

Verena Webel

Mindvalley Local Host, Cape Town & Berlin
Verena Webel Coaching